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educational technology

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1. Define audio visual/instructional media.
2. Cite an examples of audio visual/instructional materials.
3. When and how audio visual/instructional media are used?
4. What are its system approach in teaching?

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    Thank you for using the Jiksha Homework Help Forum. Each Instructional Media Centre may be different. I can only tell you about the one my school had: Overhead projectors, slide projectors, movie projectors, tape recorders, cassette players, televisions. We had video tapes, DVD's, films, slides, videodiscs. Teachers would sign up for certain days and hours. Now there are wonderful smartboards but since I've never used one, I can't tell you how they function.

    Frankly, I could not have taught as effectively without an overhead because each "team" had different colored pens to make contributions. Because we studied art slides were fantastic. For the literature we read, we were able to rent films and Tulane University had a wonderful lending library. For presentations individuals used microphones.

    It's up to the discipline/teacher, etc. how to use this media. Anything to involve students actively is idea, in my book!

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