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the argument has beenmade that the federal government exercises far toomuch power over thedaily lives of all citizens and much of this [power needs to be returned to the states. it is blieved that the states are best capable of protecting the rights of the individual. discuss the manner in which this argument conflicts with that of James Madison. be sure to set-up each premise with secific examples from our history and with current examples that would verify the opinionn of each.

i need to write a paper of this and im not quite sure what to do:O


    First you need to familiarize your self with James Madison's federalist position. These sites explain it.

    Take the arguments in the prompt and show how they differ from Madison's point of view. Use examples from history to illustrate these points of view.

    States rights didn't protect the rights and lives of African-Americans in the South. On the other hand, it's the federal government that is encroaching on individual freedoms by invoking the Patriots' Act in the fight against terrorism.

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