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IQ Test ?

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A group of people took a new IQ test twice. Nearly all of those who did well the first time they took it also did well the second time. Nearly all those who did poorly the first time did poorly again the second time. Therefore, this test has __ reliability and __ validity.

a. high...high
b. low...low
c. high...unknown
d. unknown...high

I chose answer C. because in order to be reliable, the test scores are repeated. But this question was somewhat difficult to read, so i was wondering if this was the correct answer.

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    I think you are right with the C answer although I'm not sure of the reliability of the question. Note that the question simply says, "Nearlly all of those who did well the first time......" but it doesn't give a percentage and one wonders just what nearlly all means. Nearlly all is a realitive term. Also there is no mention of the number of test takers in each group. It would mean more for a group of 1000 than a group of 5.

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    Reliability is consistency among measurements.

    Validity is determining whether a test measures what it is supposed to measure, usually using some outside criterion.

    This should help you make your own decision. Thanks for asking.

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