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Homework Help: phy.

Posted by Julie on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 9:33pm.

Larry weighs 300 N at the surface of the earth. what is the weight of the earth in the gravitational field of Larry?
-force= GMm/d^2
would i set it up like force= (9.8m/s^2)(300 N)?

an astronaut lands on a planet that has twice the mass as earth and twice the diameter. how does the astronaut weight differ from that on earth? (this one i dont get still)

if the moon pulls the earth as strongly as the earth pulls the moon, why doesnt the earth rotate around the moon, or why dont both rotate around a point midway between them?
-the earth doesnt rotate around the moon because the moon is not center of gravity and they both dont rotate around a point midway between them because of the center of gravity.

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