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ap physics

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can you check my answers? more work required to bring a fully loaded truck up to a given speed, than the same truck lightly loaded? defend your answer?
-more work is required to bring a fully loaded truck up to a given speed because it is doing more work since it is fully loaded.

5. a cart gains energy as it rolls down a hill. what is the force that does the work?
-the force that does the work is the hill.

8. engergy of an object depends on the reference frame of the observer. explain why you agree or disagree? ( This one I don't understand)

10. you and a flight attendant toss a ball back and forth in an airplane flight. does the ke of the ball depend on the speed of the airplane?carfully explain your answer?
-i got that the ke does depend on the speed of the plane because the faster the plane, the faster the ball will go.

13. you watch your friend take off in a jet plane and you comment on the kinetic energy she has acquired. but she says she has no such increse in kinetic enegery. who is correct?
-i got that the friend was correct

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