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Posted by Vanessa on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 5:05pm.

mass of empty flask with stopper = 32.634 g
mass of flask with water and stopper = 59.479 g
density of the water = 0.9973 g/cm^3
mass of water = 26.845 g
volume of water = 26.918 cm^3

the flask is then emptied and an unknown substance is added
mass of flask with new liquid and stopper = 23.531 g
density of liquid = 0.46710 g/cm^3

the flask is emptied again and dried
pieces of metal were added
weight of stoppered flask and its metal contents = 152.047 g
then filled with water and mass = 165.541
mass of metal = 13.494
mass of water = 13.494

Is the mass of metal and water suppose to be the same?
Can anyone tell me the volume of the water?
What is the volume of the metal?
What is the density of the volume?

Can you show the work? Thanks.

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