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Maximum and Minimum

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Its been awhile since I have done compleating the square, can you please help me?

Determine whether the given quadratic function has a minimum value or maximum value. Then find the coordinates of the minimum or maximum point.

19.f(x) = x2 - 2x + 1

And how you would complete the square when I have f(x) = 2x2 - 4x

  • Maximum and Minimum -

    completing the square

    2(x^2 -2x +1 -1)
    2(x-1)^2 -2

    f'=2x-2 set that to zero. solve for x.

    Now use the second derivative test...
    f"=2, positive, so the conclusion is that it is ....
    I will be happy to critique your thinking

  • Maximum and Minimum -

    2x2-16x+4 = i do not know

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