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Homework Help: Physics Questions

Posted by Soly on Sunday, October 14, 2007 at 10:23pm.

Can you please help me with some and check my answers? Thanxs!

3.Which is stronger, the electrical force between an electron and a proton or the gravitational force between these particles?
-I got that the electrical force between an electron and a proton.

6.Two charges separated by one meter exert 1-N forces on each other. If the charges are pulled to a 3-m separation distance what will the force on each charge be?
-This is one I don't understand, my teacher says its suppose to be a ratio problem.

Atomic physicists ignore the effect of gravity within an atom. To see why, calculate and compare the gravitational and electrical forces between an electron and a proton separated by 10^-10m?
-I got: 1.0162796 x 10^-47 and 7.620497955 x 10^-7

To get the answers I got, I used the mass of the proton and mass of the electron.

21. How does one Coulomb of charge compare to the charge on an electron? How do you think such a large difference arose historically?
-This one I don't understand.

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