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Quadratic Functions

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Please explain to me how to do the following problems, I don't understand them. Thanks!

Find the x-intercepts (if any) for the graph of the quadratic function.

1.f(x) = (x + 2)2 - 4

Find the y-intercept for the graph of the quadratic function.

5.y + 9 = (x + 3)2

Find the domain and range of the quadratic function whose graph is described.

7.The vertex is (1, -15) and the graph opens up.

  • Quadratic Functions -

    To find the x-intercept, set y=0 and solve for x
    To find the y-intercept, set x=0 and solve for y

    the domain of a standard parabola that opens either up or down is
    x "is an element of" R

    the domain is either y ≥ "the y value of the vertex", if it opens up or
    y ≤ "the y value of the vertex" if it opens downwards

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