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John Darsee has been one of many scientists and researchers involved with the scandal of scientific misconduct, where he deliberately falsified data and published his results to scientific journals. First, I will discuss the case of John Darsee, as well, examine the moral theory of rule utilitarianism in Resnik’s point of view. From the terms of moral theory of rule utilitarianism, I will argue why Darsee’s case of scientific fraud is wrong and immoral.

Moral theories attempt to provide a set of guidelines or foundations in which people can base common morals and actions. The moral theory I will apply for Darsee case is rule utilitarianism, based on Resnik’s views from The Ethics of Science. The major concern of rule utilitarianism is to follow a certain system of rules in order to act in a way in which best benefits most people. (Resnik) It says that we should act according to rules which, when followed, would create most utility for most people. This rule should be an outline of morals so that when it is followed, it will provide good consequences for most of the people. This view supports the notion of how the ends will justify the means, and the good and the benefits of many prevail over the good of the individuals. (Resnik) The word “rule” in rule utilitarian highlights the point that it is not the duty of rule utilitarian to concern about the act in which would provide utility for most people, instead, it is to follow a rule that would provide the best consequences for most when generally followed. (Resnik)

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