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Physics/Boyles Law

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Please confirm/tidy up my fragile understanding as follows:

Boyles Law is apparently now known by another name????

If I compressed the air in a room into a cylinder obviously everything that was in the room is now in the cylinder including the heat. As the heat out of a large space has been compressed into a small space the cylinder & contents become hot?. Please confirm.

After a period of time the cylinder & contents cool to room temperature. If the contents are released the cylinder will frost up and the air released will be very cold.

This can readily be observed when discharging Co2 Portable Fire Extinguishers.

Comments please.

Thank you


  • Physics/Boyles Law -

    The effect of temperature rising when gases are compressed, and cooling when expanded is true, but for a very different reason than you suggested.

    What you have done is mix the concepts heat and temperature. One does not imply the other. There are many good physics books which explain that, and it was a classical discovery in physics that heat was not a part of matter.

    Boyles law? Boyles Law is Boyles law. It is sometimes referred to as Boyles-Mariotte law, but not often. The name tries to rectify who discovered the law. Sometimes the press gets it wrong initially, and over time, we like to give credit to the discoverers.
    Air is not released from the cylinder. CO2 is released, it absorbs heat energy from the atmosphere when expanded, and water molecules in air "frost"up.

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