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Homework Help: Physic please help!

Posted by Mary on Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 11:09pm.

I got the correct answer for part (a) but I am unsure of how to tackle part (b). Please help!!!

Interactive LearningWare 22.2 at wiley/college/cutnell reviews the fundamental approach in problems such as this. A constant magnetic field passes through a single rectangular loop whose dimensions are 0.35 m 0.55 m. The magnetic field has a magnitude of 2.1 T and is inclined at an angle of 75° with respect to the normal to the plane of the loop.

(a) If the magnetic field decreases to zero in a time of 0.46 s, what is the magnitude of the average emf induced in the loop?

emf = -N (cos 75) (B-B0/t-t0)

emf = -1 (0.258819)(-2.1T/0.46s)

emf = -1 (0.258819)(-4.565217391)

emf = 1.18156V

(b) If the magnetic field remains constant at its initial value of 2.1 T, what is the magnitude of the rate A / t at which the area should change so that the average emf has the same magnitude as in part (a)?
__________ m2/s

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