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What is your opinion about cameras in the classrooms that will allow your parents and yourself to view it on the internet?

list three reasons

and explain

now i don't know what to put

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    Your assignment calls for YOUR opinion. The advantage(?) is that your parents can see you when they aren't with you. But, I doubt if many parents really want to see you on the internet.

    However, I feel that cameras are too disruptive of the educational process and should be banned in the classroom.

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    o...ok....thank you so much...

    you really helped me a lot


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    The question asks for three reasons, so just saying "cameras are too disruptive" -- especially without explaining why they're disruptive -- would be inadequate. I can think of three pro reasons: 1. Parents can monitor what's going on, boosting their ability to help their child. Let's say the parent sees their child is misbehaving or not getting questions answered or working hard but not getting it. 2. Students who are absent can catch up on class. 3. Principal can track teachers' effectiveness easily and efficiently. Negative? 1. Loss of privacy for teacher and students. 2. Possibility pedophile could figure out how to view children in class. 3. Teacher and students might be self-conscious.

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