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Polarity and electronegativity (science)

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Describe the concept of polarity.
How is polrity related to electronegativity?

~Well I think that polarity is how I remember it.."pull" basically due to the tendency for electronegative atoms in a molecule to attract the other electrons in the other atoms and create a sort of tendency for them to be attracted to another side of the molecule. (I would say the molecule with the more negative charge (dipole) but wouldn't electrons be attracted to the postive not negative? Just my reasoning)

Is this fine?
I personally think it doesn't make much sense..A run sentence to be exact but that's b/c I'm not sure about my answer or reasoning.

ThAnK YoU =)

  • Polarity and electronegativity (science) -

    I really don't see much wrong with what you wrote but I think it could be condensed. The most electronegative elements form the most polar bonds.

  • Polarity and electronegativity (science) -

    Thanks Dr.Bob

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