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Are these sentences grammatically correct?

-J'achète une robe pull grise, elle coûte soixante-dix-cinq euros.
-J'achète un pantalon bleu, il coûte quarante-huit euros.
-J'achète des jeans noir, il coûte cent-dix euros.
(for jeans, should I use des jeans or un jean)

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Tu me manquais! (I missed you!)

    Be sure to avoid run-on sentences, using a semicolon (;) instead of the comma(,).

    #1. I'm confused as to "une robe" (a dress) or "un pull" (a sweater.) Which is it? If it is the "robe" elle is correct. Is it 75 euros? = soixante-quinze euros.

    #2. Looks good for 48 euros. Just the ;

    #3. If jeans is plural, the adjective "noirs" should be as well. As for the word there is some variety:
    bluejeans = spl blue jeans or pantalon coutil. You decide "a pair of jeans" or "jeans plural." I'd choose "un jean noir. 110 euros? = cent dix.

    If your textbook has vocabulary in the Appendix, check there.


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    #1 is actually a sweater dress, but to avoid confusion, I guess I'll choose another piece of clothing.
    So 75 is soixante-quinze and 79 would be soixante-dix-neuf?
    And gray (grise) would have to feminine too right?

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    Well, sweater is "chandail" so perhaps it would be "une robe de chandail?"

    Yes, it would be "grise" modifying "robe." 79 = right! soixante-dix-neuf.

    For the exams, I would tell my students to select another vocabulary word if they weren't positive how to say the first choice!

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