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Consider the following errors that could be made when running the TLC. Indicate what should be done to correct the error.

a) A 2 component mixture containing 1-octene and 1,4- dimethylbenzene gave only 1 spot with and Rf value of 0.95. The solvent used was acetone

b) A 2 component mixture containing a dicarboxilic acid and tricarboxilic acid gave only 2 spot with an Rf value of 0.05. The solvent used was hexane

c) when a TLC plate was developed the solvent ran off the top of the plate.
a) I think that the compounds are nonpolar while the solvent is polar thus that led to bad seperation. And the solvent was of high polarity.

b) For this one I think that the reason there is bad seperation is that the compounds are polar while the solvent is nonpolar. The solvent has a low polarity thus it doesn't separate well.

c) I think for this one all the person has to do is take out the the plate before the solvent gets that far

Thanks Is my thinking correct?

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    I forgot to say how to fix it

    a)for a where the solvent is highly polar thus pulling all the solvent with it..I think you can add a solvent of less polarity but rather intermediate polarity

    b) I think for this one you can add a solvent with intermediate polarity of course higher than the polarity of hexane.

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