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Atom-Particle that cannont be divided in half becasue it is in its smallest form.
Reactants-Substances that exist before the reaction begins.
Endothermic Reaction-take in, or absorb heat energy.
Exothermic Reaction- Release Heat energy
Inhibitor-makes a reaction slower.
Rate of Reaction- tells you how fast a reaction occurs.
Enzymes-large protien molecules
Chemistry- Science that deals with properties of substances and sifferent elemenatary forms of matter.
Chemical Reaction- process that produces chemical change.
Synthetic Elements- Made in labratories and nuclear plants or reactors.

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    additonal info:

    I need he word of chemistry. I have the words and i have a theme. My theme is cooking. So please i need some analogy's that deal with cooking for these chemistry words.

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