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For the reaction:
acetic acid (2g) + Isopentyl alcohol (0.9g) =>
Isopently acetate(1.15g)+ H2O

I'm suposed to determine the limiting reagent, theoretical yield and percent yield from this reaction but the reaction was given as a picture...
I'm not sure about the mole ratio though.
It only shows one molecule for each, however I was wondering if it was a 1:1 ratio of 1mol acetic acid and one mol Isopentyl alcohol that results in 1 mol of Isopentyl acetate and 1mol water.

And If it is a one to one ratio, how would a 2:1 or any other ratio besides a 1:1 ratio look in a drawing of the molecule for the reaction?

would there be a 2 and the molecule would be in brackets or something?

Thank You=)

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    I have no idea how it would look in a drawing but I presume it would show two molecules if it was a 2:1 ratio. However, you need not worry about that because it is a 1:1 reaction. 1 mol alcohol + 1 mol acid produces 1 mol of the ester.

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    Thank you very much Dr.Bob =D

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