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IS suntan lotion a homogeneous or heterogenous mixture

and do heterogenous mixtures often appear clody


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    It contains oil, water, and soap (emulsifying agent). What do you think would happen if it were put into a centrifuge, or, allowed to dry out?

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    does not settle on standing?

    homogeneous mixture, solution and compound is this correct?

    can separate when allowed to stand? only heterogenous mixture.

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    i need help converting numbers.

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    Yes, suntan lotion is a homogeneous mixture. All of the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the lotion. If you took a sample from the top of the bottle it would be the same as a sample that you took from the bottom of the bottle, or any other place in the bottle. On a molecular level, suntan lotion is a mixture of many different ingredients, so it is heterogeneous in composition.

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