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Posted by Mike on Friday, October 5, 2007 at 4:45am.

The Nautical Mile is internationally recognised as 1852m which is an approximation of 1' of latitude subtended to the earths surface. However it is an average and the geographical length on the earths surface of 1' of lat subtended will vary according to the radius of the earth at that point.

The earth is an oblate spheroid (flattened at the poles) and has a smaller radius at the poles of 6356.752Km compared to 6378.137Km at the equator (wikipedia).

Accordingly I would expect the 1' of arc of Lat subtended at the poles would give a shorter figure for a geographical NM than at the equator.

However I note that the reverse is the case. Wikipedia under the heading Nautical Mile gives a figure of 1861.57M at the pole compared to 1842.90M at the equator.

Is there something I am not understanding?

Please help.


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