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An 865 kg (1912 lb) dragster, starting from rest, attains a speed of 26.7 m/s (59.8 mph) in 0.59 s.
(a) Find the average acceleration of the dragster during this time interval.
(b) What is the magnitude of the average net force on the dragster during this time?
(c) Assume that the driver has a mass of 68 kg. What horizontal force does the seat exert on the driver?

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    acceleration= changevelocty/time

    Forceaverage= mass*acceleraltion

    Forceseat= driver mass*acceleration

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    A 69 kg diver jumps off a 10.4 m tower.
    (a) Find the diver's velocity when he hits the water.
    (b) The diver comes to a stop 2.0 m below the surface. Find the net force exerted by the water.

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