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I need some serious help. I am a grade 10 student and I have this assignment due for tomorrow, but I can't get past the first question. The first part of the question asks me to calculate the volume of a box (prism) measuring 100mm by 60mm by 40mm.

I got that part- the answer is 24 0000mm cubed.

The next question is the tricky part. It says that there is another box with a length, breadth and depth twice as big as the previous box. It tells me to make a suggestion as to the volume of this box e.g will it be twice the volume of the prevous box? It then says to test my suggestion by calculating the volume.

I nee to know what the correst suggestion is, because we are getting graded on our ability to make the right suggestions.


p.s I need this asap- the assignment is due tomorrow.

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    If each dimension is twice

    Volume=2*L (2W)(2H)=8 times original volume?

  • math -

    How does that work? I mean, it is right- but how did u get that answer? I always thought it would be six. Why is it eight?

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    First, visualize smaller cubes so that the numbers can be more easily multiplied.

    Suppose you have a cube that measures 3 by 4 by 5 mm. That would have a volume of 60 square mm.

    Now double those figures.
    6 by 8 by 10 mm. What is that volume?

    What would be a logical suggestion for your original problem?

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