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The fast train known as the TGV that runs south from Paris, France, has a scheduled average speed of 216 km/h. If the train goes around a curve at teha speed and the acceleration experienced by the passengers is to be limited to .07g, what is the smallest radius of curvature for the track that can be tolerated? At what speed must the train go around a curve with a 1.6 km radius to be at the acceleration limit?


    Use the formula
    a = V^2/r
    for both questions. Make sure V is in meters per second. 216 km/h = 60.0 m/s

    In the first case, choose a = 0.07 m/s^2 and the V above to solve for r.

    In the second case, choose a = 0.07 m/s^2 and r = 1600 m and solve for V.

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