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A movie ticket for an adult costs $8.00, and a child's ticket cost $5.50. One adult is taking a group of children to the movies. She has $35.00. How many children can she take with her to the movies

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    take 35 minus 8 for the adult that's going


    she has 27 dollars to spend on children

    it costs 5.50 for one child to go, so you take 27/5.50

    you get 4.9

    only four full children can go because you don't have enough money for a fifth one

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    Now how do I write it in algebra form. So will 4 be my X?

  • MATH -

    first subtract: 35 - 8 becasue you know that eight dollars will be used up on the one adult. then divided 5.5 into that number to see how man kids can be taken. round down to a whole number because you cannot have half a kid. :)

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    The amount spent must be less than or equal to $35. It consists of $8 plus $5.50 for every child taken (X).

    8 + 5.5X < 35

    Solve just as you would any equation.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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