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Math repost for Jasmine

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Math - jasmine, Sunday, September 30, 2007 at 6:24pm

san you help me with this 2.7,2 1/7,3.13,1 9/10 numder least to greateat

  • Math repost for Jasmine -

    First, let's change the fractions to decimals.

    2 1/7 = 2.14
    1 9/10 = 1.90


    Next -- we look at the number before the decimal. Obviously, 1.9 is first and 3.13 is last.

    Finally, arrange these two in their correct order: 2.70 and 2.14. This time look at the number after the decimal.

    What do you think is the correct order?

    Please post your answer, and we'll be glad to check it.

  • Math repost for Jasmine -

    this helped me lmao

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