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A = {a1, a1 + d1, a1 + 2d1, …}, B = {a2, a2 + d2, a2 +2d2, …}. Investigate whether A + B and
A x B are arithmetic or geometric sequences. If an arithmetic sequence is identified, state its common difference. If a geometric sequence is identified, state its common ratio. (the numbers are subscripts)

I can't seem to model this one.
I'd appreciate some input.

Nelson, 8th grade student

  • Sequences - ,

    A+B in a sequence means it is equal to

    A1+B1, A+d1+B1+d2, ....

    AxB means several things, but I assume you are working as a orthogonal tensor, which means that each term (like terms) are multliplied:
    AB, Ar1*Br2, A(r1)^2 B(r2)^2, ...AB (r1*r2)^n, .....

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