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Posted by Vincent on Sunday, September 30, 2007 at 2:00am.

Develop documentation for human resources professionals to manage aspecific employment position. The materials you create would assist human resources professionals to choose, train, and develop successful employees toward helping the company meet its goals.

Reference at least one human resources journal and at least one reputable Web site for human resources professionals, in addition to the text. Format references according to APA guidelines.

The five project deliverables will all focus on a single employment position. The deliverables are as follows:

Executive summary
Presentation on job analysis
Tips for the selection process
Script for orienting new employees
Training proposal

This is what I have written

This documentation will assist human resources professional to choose, train, and develop successful employees toward helping the comapny meet its goal. Human resources are a tem in which many organizations decribe the combunation of traditional administrative personnel functions with performance management, employee relations and resource planning.

A job analysis is designed to obtain descriptive information about the tasks performed in a hob and the knowledge needed to adequately perform those taks. Job analysis is aldo the process of obtaining information about jobs by determining the duties, taks, or activities of those jobs. The procedures involves systematically investigating jobs by following a number of predetermined steps speified in advance of the study. When completed, job analysis of twenty or thirty individual jobs taks or activities. Human Resource managers will use this data to develop hob descriptions and job speifications. These documents, in turn, are used to perform and enhance the different Human Resource functions such as the development of performance appraisal criteria or the content of training classes. The ultimate purpose of job analysis is to improve organizational perfomance and productivity.

Selection tools give you the process of reducing the number candidates and choosing from among those individuals who hav the relevant qualifications. It is important to choose the right method of selection tools for the job, because if you do not choose the right method of selection tools it could lead to direct and infirect expense of hiring an employee who turns out to be unsuccessful. Another method of not choosing the right method of selection tools could be the cost of an opportunity of someone who could have been successful, but did not get a chance.

Some tip on the selection process for hiring a candidate and making a fair decision can be stucture the interview to be as consistent as possible for all candidates. Use the same questions. setting time allotment and interviewers. Utilize patterned interviews with each candidate is treated fairlly and to minimize inconscious biases

After the selection of successful employees the first step in their introduction to company policies, practivces and benefits is an orientation program. Effectively orienting new employees is to establish a successful, productive working relationship. This is usually conducted by the staff personnel unit. The subjects covered in the orientation process include products of the company employee benefirs salary schedules safety probationary period timed recording and absence, holiday's, equal employment opportunity programs packing and the grievance procedure.

Most organized induction program is performed by the immediate supervisor. The inductee is introduced to fellow employees given a tour of the department and informed about such details as locker and rest rooms, supply procedures hours of work overtime call in procedure rest and luchh periods and lunching facilities. After a couple of weeks on the job the supervisor might want to follow up with the employee to make sure everything is going smoothly wiith the employee.

Training is giving employees specific knowledge and skills in order for them to effectively and efficiently perform their jobs. Apart from increasing workers skills and knowledge the right training may increase an employee's motivation, chances for advance,ent morale and lead to more productivity and better quality.

Once the training needs have been determined, the nest step is to design the type of learning enviroment necessary to enhance learning. The success of training programs epends on more than the orgaization's ability to identify training needs. One training proposal would be on the job training.

One the job training gives the employees hands on experience. The advantage of providing hands on experiene gives the new wmployee a chance to buiuld a good relationship with other employees. As time becomes a critical resource and is needed most on the job training is viewed by some to be potentially the most effective means of facilitating learning in the workplace.

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