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Homework Help: science (physics) Need to solve this today please

Posted by ~christina~ on Saturday, September 29, 2007 at 8:01am.

(a) Express the vectors A, B, and C in the figure below in terms of unit vectors.

(b) Use unit vector notation to find the vectors R = A + B + C and S = C A B.

(c) What are the magnitude and directions of vectors R and S?

Well the picture goes and has a vector
A pointing in the 1st quadrant of the graph and between the y axis it has a angle of 37 deg
and a magnitude of 12m

vector B is in the 4th quadrant and the angle from the x axis to the vector is 40 deg
and a magnitude of 15m

vector C is in the 3rd quadrant and measured from the x axis it's angle is 60 deg
and a magnitude of 6.0m

~What are unit vectors? Would that just refer to the m? And does that include the i, j, and k hat? (i [^ on top of i])

How would I find these? like for C it has the angle of 60 deg from the x axis in the 3rd quadrant but if I was finding the x component of C I wouldn't use 60 right for the angle but rather 180+60 = 240 deg.
I'm not sure if that's correct but that has gotten me confused with unit vector.

And for the B vector in the 4th quadrant wouldn't I find the x and y component using not 40 deg but rather -40 deg?

I really need to solve this by today...

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