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Bio (why no one is helpting?)

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Measurements of oxygen binding by whole human blood, at 37oC, at pH 7.4, and in the presence of 40mm of CO2 and normal physiological levels of BPG (5 mmol/L of cells), give the following:

PO2 (mm Hg) = 10.6, 19.5, 27.4, 37.5, 50.4, 77.3, 92.3
% saturation (=100 x Theta) = 10, 30, 50, 70, 85, 96, 98

a). From these data, construct a binding curve, and estimate the percent oxygen saturation of blood at

(1) 100 mm Hg, the approximate partial pressure of O2 in the lungs, and
(2)30 mm Hg, the approximate partial pressure of O2 in venous blood.

b). Under these conditions, what percentage of the oxygen bound in the lungs is delivered to the tissues?

Please help me start this out.

  • Bio (why no one is helpting?) -

    No one has helped you because, unfortunately, we are don't have any teachers available for that subject at present.

    It looks to me like you should plot the points and draw a smooth curve through them, read off the values of % saturation at 100 mm and 30 mm Hg, and (for part b) take the ratio of the two values, and expfress it as a percent.

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