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How do you solve this?

At a HOTEL INFINITY, the clerk claims to have infinitely many rooms. A man thought that it was for reals so he brought his friends to the hotel to check it out. When the man came there, there was a sign that says, "NO VACANCIES". The man was bummed out but insisted to the clerk that there was a way to fit all of this friends. (Note: the man brought infinitely many of his friends with him) The man told the clerk that there was a way to fit him and his infinitely friends in the hotel without kicking or sharing anyone out of their rooms - everyone will have their own room and will be happy! By the end of the day, the man and his infinitely many friends managed to get their own rooms without kicking or sharing with anyone.

QUESTION: How did he do it?

- Sorry if it was a bit confusing...


    It was easy, but a very long day. At the end of the day, time had finally ran out.


    Can you explain that a bit more? I'm still a bit confused...


    You just move the persons to the next room. Person in room 1 goes to room 2 person in room 2 goes to room 3 etc. Then room 1 will be free.

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