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language arts

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directions: decide which form of the verb given in parenthases is needed write the correct form on the line identify the form you used by writing present,past,or past participle.

sentance one:
have you (speak)to anyone about your vacation plans?

if you can please help me i don't under stand

  • language arts -

    The verb they've given you is wrong; you need to find the correct form of it.

    Present: Speak.
    Past: Spoke.
    Past participle: Spoken.

    I speak, I spoke, I have spoken.

    If it's used with a helping verb such as 'have', it's likely a past participle. The appropriate word here is 'spoken'.

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    thank you very much do you think you can help me with the rest

  • language arts -

    If you'll write out the rest of your sentences, including what verb form you think is correct, someone here will be happy to give you feedback.


  • language arts -

    thx here they are

    3.who (see) your solar calculator last?
    4.the senoir choir has (sing) a melody of melodies.
    5.our lawn mower (run)out of gas before i finished the lawn.

  • language arts -

    First, let's turn the sentence around to make it a statement.

    You have (speak) to anyone about your vacation plans.

    Since there's a helping verb, have, you need to use the past participle of speak.

    The sentence should be --
    Have you spoken to anyone about your vacation plans.

  • language arts -

    Your sentences:

    3. Who (see) your solar calculator last?
    4. The senior choir has (sing) a melody of melodies.
    5. Our lawn mower (run)out of gas before I finished the lawn.

    What are YOUR choices for these? The principal parts for each of those verbs is as follows:

    see, saw, seen
    sing, sung, sung
    run, ran, run


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