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you need to move a 500 kg crate of gazelle food from the garage along the 42 meter hall to the kitchen. If you apply a force of 1000 N at a 37 degree angle to the horizontal. How long will it take to move to the kitchen?(coefficient of static friction=.15, coefficient of kenetic friction=.10)

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    First of all, find the components of the pushing force;
    Pushing down=1000sin37
    pushing forward=1000sin37

    friction force = mu*forcenormal
    = mu(1000sin37 + mass*g)

    net force= m*acceleration solve for acceleration.

    then, knowing acceleration, and distance

    Vf^2= 2 a * d

    solve for Vf.

    timetogetkitchen= d/(vf/2)

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