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algebra 3-4

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im in a cal class but were reviewing algebra stuff now. and i have 1 more questions.

it says.
express the given quantity as a single loragithms


so is it 2ln(2)

please tell me if im getting the right answers and if im not then please show me how to do it. thank you for reading.

  • algebra 3-4 -

    2ln4 - ln2 = ln[(4^2)/2] = ln 8
    2 (ln4 - ln2)= 2 ln 2

    Did you omit parentheses?

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  • algebra 3-4 -

    if i bought a 16 ounce bottle of water for 1.09, how many gallons will that be?

  • algebra 3-4 -


  • algebra 3-4 -


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