March 5, 2015

Homework Help: Early child ed. /literacy question

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 8:53pm.

I posted this question yesterday- and some felt that minimal parental education may have the greatest negative influence on child literacy.
Whowever, one person seemed to think that low socioeconomic status has the greatest negative influence on child literacy.

Which may have the greatest negative influence on child literacy?

A. single-parenting
B. low socioeconomic status
C. minority ethnicity
D. minimal parental education

Here is what my text states:

"Preschools planning to influence the continued literacy development of attending children must face the fact
that the low socioeconomic status of the home may greatly influence literacy. Differences in literacy achievement among children as a result
of socioeconomic status are pronounced. Middle class families usually offer there children the advantage of more joint book reading,more library visits,and more print-related experiences.Parents with low educational aspirations for their children and low motivation,which
sometimes results from poverty,stress,
fatigue,and unfortunate living conditions,are the parents who most need sensitive professional outreach
from their children's teacher and school. Family economics may determine the opportunities and materials that are available,and family ingenuity may overcome a lack of monetary resources. Most things that parents can do to
encourage reading and writing involve
time,attention,and sensitivity,rather than money."

I am confused with what my text states-

which would have the greatest negative
influence on child literacy?

low socioeconomic status (or )
minimal parental education

please help----- I am confused!!

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