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Homework Help: Early Child Ed.

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 8:20pm.

Will you check to see if I have chosen the most appropriate choice to this question?

Which would be the best way to welcome a child into the classroom in the morning when his mother drops him off?

A. "Good morning,Joshua. We have new
crayons to use later today."

B. "Good morning,Joshua. Good morning,
Mrs. Carr. Joshua, there are new
cars you might like in the block

C. "Good morning,Joshua. Joshua, go on
and get started with your work."

D. "Good morning,Joshua. Good morning
Mrs. Carr. I need to speak with you
about Joshua's behavior whenever
you have a chance to meet."

I know you should greet both parents and children as they arrive to promote
a warm, comfortable atmosphere.
You should encourage talk,and set the tone for conversation.
I know you should offer children choices of possible activities.

Would (B) be the best answer?

Thanks for helping!

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