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A projectile is shot horizontally at 30m/s from the roof of a building 100m tall. Use g=10m/s^2. Choose + vertical direction to be pwards.
a) determine the time necessary fot the projectile to reach the ground below
b) determine the horizontal distance from the base of the building that the projectile lands
c) determine the horizontal and vertical components of the velocity just before the projectile hits the ground
d) determine the magnitude of the total velocity just before the projectile hits the ground.

a)would I use y=y_0 +v_0t +1/2 at^2
100=0+30t+1/2(10)t^2 and solve for t?
b) would i use x=x_0+v_xt
c)for the horizontal componet i believe i use v=v_0 +at and for the vertical: x=x_0+vt
d) v_total =sqrt(vx^2 +vy^2)

Are these equations I came up with correct to solve this problem?

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    Calculate how far a boy standing on a 5m high wall will be able to shoot a stone with a projecting device if the stone is projected upwards 45 and it has an initial velocity of 20m/s

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