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I would like if you guys could answer me this question or give me a website where I cold find the answer. Lead, mercury and plutonium are very harmful elements, but when you cobined them with what do they become harmless? The element with which they must be combined does not have to be the same for all three, I already tried searching on several websites like newton but I could not find any specific answer,I know that mercury is not extremely harmful in low amounts. I really hope you guys could help this is not homework but a personal quest.

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    I think you need to start by defining the problem a little tighter. What do you mean by 'harmful' and 'harmless'. A place to start might be by finding out what is meant by the terms 'Hazard' and 'Risk' as these have specific meanings and are often mis-used, especially by the press.
    This then might lead you to decide for whom or what you are tying to minimise the risk.

    To take an example. One way to immobilise lead is to have the metal as a brick and perhaps paint it with gloss paint. It is stable in this form and unless the brick is chewed the lead is very unlikely to be injested. The paint stops the small transfer to hands that might occur during hamdling. One of the hazards that remains is that lead is dense and the brick may have considerable mass so could break a foot if dropped.

    Hope this helps.

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