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Posted by ~christina~ on Monday, September 24, 2007 at 9:38am.

Speedy Sue during is driving at 30.0m/s
and enters a 1 lane tunnel. She then observes a slow moving van 155m ahead traveling at 5.0m/s. She applies the brakes but can only accelerate at -2.0m/s^2 b/c road is wet.

a) will there be a collision? How do you know?
b) If there is a collision state how far in the tunnel and at what time the collision occurs. If not then determine the distance of closest approach btwn the car and van.

~well I know that
vi= 30.0m/s
a= -2.0m/s^2
xi= 155m

vi= 5.0m/s

I'm not sure what equation or what to do next. Is the acceleration constant? I assume so since this chap is about kinematics but it only says -2.0m/s^2 for acceleration so I guess it is..but do I need to find the xf for sue?

I think I would need to find xf but I don't have the final vf for Sue's car. Do I need to find that?

I need help on this..

Thank you

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