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Homework Help: French for Mischa

Posted by SraJMcGin on Sunday, September 23, 2007 at 4:55pm.


avoir = to have


I have, I do have, have I? do I have?
I am having

j'ai nous avons ai-je? avons-nous?
tu as vous avez as-tu? avez-vous?
il a ils ont a-t-il? ont-ils?
elle a elles ont a-t-elle? ont-elles?
on a a-t-on?

être = to be


je suis nous sommes suis-je? sommes-nous?
tu es vous êtes es-tu? êtes-vous?
il est ils sont est-il? sont-ils?
elle est elles sont est-elle? sont-elles?
on est est-on?

NOTE: 1. The forms "est-ce que j'ai?" and "est-ce que je suis?" are more frequently used than "ai-je?" and "suis-je?"
2. The negative and negative interrogative of "avoir" and "être" are formed in the same manner as regular verbs.


il n'a pas n'a-t-il pas?
nous ne sommes pas ne sommes-nous pas?

3. Special use of "avoir:"
il y a = there is, there are (both singular and plural!)
y-a-t-il? = is there? are there?
il n'y a pas = there isn't, there aren't
n'y a-t-il pas? = isn't there? aren't there?

Bon! That's it for now. Let me know any questions you have but no more reviews until you meet something new! Bonne chance! (good luck)

Don't let the "terminology" frighten you. they are merely "labels." When talking about verbs, most teachers and/or textbooks talk about first, second, third person(s.)

first person = the one MOST important to you! = je (singular) and nous (plural)

second person = the one you talk TO. tu (familiar singular) and vous (familiar plural as well as formal singular and plural)

third person = the one you talk ABOUT. il, elle, on (singular) and ils, elles (plural)


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