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Homework Help: French for Mischa

Posted by SraJMcGin on Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 6:17pm.



je (j') = I
tu = you (familiar)
il = he, it
elle = she, it
on = one, "we," you, they, people

nous = we
vous = you (can be formal singular as well as familiar plural)
ils = they, masculine
elles = they, feminine

NOTE: The subject pronoun "ON" refers to an indefinite person, or persons, and always takes a third-person singular verb. It has several possible translations:
Aux Etats-Unis "on parle" anglais.
(We speak English / You speak English / They speak English / People speak English / One speaks English AND the Passive Translation "English is spoken." + in the United States.

When you get to answering questions, keep this "chart" in mind.


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