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Homework Help: French for Mischa

Posted by SraJMcGin on Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 6:11pm.



The prepositons "a" and "de" contract with "le" and "les."
a + le = au au cousin (to the cousin)
a + les = aux aux dames (to the ladies)
de + les = du du livre (of/from the book)
de + les = des des frères (of/from (some) brothers

NOTE: There are no contractions with "la" and "l'"
à la mère (to the mother)
de la maison (of/from the house)
à l'élève (to the pupil)
de l'école (of/from the school)


Possession in French is expressed by the preposition "de" where English uses "'s" or "s'"

les cravates DE Jean (John's ties)
le chapeau DE la femme (the woman's hat)
le bureau DU professeur (the teacher's desk)
les livres DES garçons (the boys' books)


P.S. I love the word "l'élève" because it has all 3 French e's, each with a different sound. é = a (like first letter of English alphabet) / è = eh (as if someone poked you in the stomach) / e = uh. I hope that one is in the French audio dictionary!

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