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Homework Help: French for Mischa

Posted by SraJMcGin on Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 5:21pm.

PLURAL OF NOUNS (that refused to post before!)

Most French nouns, like most English nouns, form their plural by adding "s" to the singular:


le garçon (the boy) les garçons (the boys)
l'élève (the pupil) les élèves (the pupils)
la feuille (the leaf) les feuilles (leaves)

Nouns ending in "-s, -x OR -z" remain unchanged in the plural:

le fils (the son) les fils (the sons)
la voix (the voice) les voix (voices)
le nez (the nose) les nez (the noses)

Nouns ending in "-eau" and "-eu" add "x" to form the plural. Most nouns ending in "-al," change "-al" to "-aux" in the plural:

l'oiseau (the bird) les oiseaux (birds)
le neveu (the nephew) les neveux (nephews)
le cheval (the horse) les chevaux (horses)

A few nouns have irregular plurals:

l'oeil (m) (the eye) les yeux (the eyes)
le ciel (the sky) les cieux (skies)
le travail (the work) les travaux (works)


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