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Homework Help: Early Child Ed.

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, September 21, 2007 at 8:20pm.

I asked this question yesterday.
I still need help with it.

Hannah's mother said,
"Hannah is such a pencil-and-paper kid."
It is likely that Hannah:

A. will be an artist

B. will learn to write,forming her
letters perfectly.

C. will be a good reader

D. does not enjoy being read to.

I know the correct answer is either:

(B) will learn to write,forming her
letters perfectly.


(C) will be a good reader

I done a google search. I typed in
D. Durkin (1996)"pencil-and-paper kid.
According to Durkin a pencil and paper
kid is a child who is an early reader or an early writer.

Please do the google search for yourself- and let me know if you think
(B) will learn to write,forming her letters perfectly.


(C)will be a good reader.

I am kinda thinking (C)would be a better answer because, if she is an early reader wouldn't she become a good reader?

If she is an early writer she wouldn't
form her letters perfectly.

Please give help on this question.

which would be a better answer?

B or C?

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