March 25, 2017

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I have no real method for this problem other than trail and error and foil.

I have come up with some amny variations until I am on my second sheet of paper!

The closet I have gotten to factoring/solving this problem so far is....

(-1t^2+1)(3t -6)
Is there a method to this madness@!?

  • algebra problem that is causing me headaches - ,

    Factor out a negative three t:
    -3t(t^2-t+2) The last term will not factor in the real number system, at least here in Texas.

  • algebra problem that is causing me headaches - ,

    thanks that made me laugh

  • Algebra 1 - ,

    2x-4/x2*-9 times x+3/x2*-2x

    *means squared

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