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Homework Help: preschool/Literacy

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 9:41pm.

Would you please look at these two questions and my answers to make sure they're correct? If they're wrong let me know!

1.Michael said,"That says Ms. Ramsey."
Michael cannot really read or sound
out"Ms. Ramsey,"but he has seen it
often enough that he recognizes it,
Michael is:

A. phonetically reading
B. sight reading
C. using the alphabetic principle
D. guessing at words

2. Emma wrote "HESADG." She read it
to her teacher as "Henry saw a dog."
Emma was using:

A. invented spelling
B. sight reading
C. phonemic awareness
D. emergent writing

#1.(C) using the alphabetic principle
#2.(A) invented spelling

thank you very much!

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