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Word Problem-Icky

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Two sailboats are 9.8 miles apart and sailing toward each other. The larger boat sails 4 miles per hour faster than the smaller boat. The two boats pass each other after 0.7 hour. Find the speed of each boat.

I cannot figure out for the life of me how to set this one up. I already have the answer in the back, but it's just getting this set up is the problem.


  • Word Problem-Icky -

    Let x be the speed (mph) of boat 1. The spead of boat 2 is x+4. Now then, regardless of the relative speeds, the sum of the two boats travel is 9.8 miles. They travel this distance in .7 hours or 9.8/.7= 14 mph.
    So, you have x + (x+4) = 14 or:
    2x+4=14 or 2x=10 or x=5

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