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Word Problem

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A quarterback and end play on their team. From the start of a play, Pete, the end, runs down the field at about 25 feet per second. Two seconds after the play starts, Phil, the quarterback, throws the ball, at about 50 feet per second, to Pete, who is still running.

I need help setting the problem up-

How long after Phil throws the ball will Pete catch it?

How far will Pete be from where the ball was thrown?


  • Word Problem -

    They travel the same distance;

    distance ball= distance pete
    50ft/s (t-2)=25ft/sec * t

    solve for t.

  • Word Problem -

    I don't you take 50(t-2)=25*t? If so, I didn't come out with the right answer on question one for the same distance.

    I just have a hard time understanding these comparison problems.

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