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Posted by Clayo on Monday, September 17, 2007 at 8:35pm.

1. What countries/continents are included in the Americas?
2. What project researched the Mid- Atlantic ridge?
3. What city does the Prime Meridian split?
4. What city in England does the Prime Meridian split?
5. What hemispheres are the US located?
6. Where is the Mid- Atlantic Ridge located?
7. Describe the Mid- Atlantic Ridge.
9. What were some problems for early sea faring navigators?
10. What do latitude and longitudes help us find?
11. What are parallels?
12. Why is it important to have an understanding of longitude and latitude?
13. Could you describe the absolute location of South America? How about relative location?
14. Why do you need to write N, S, E, and W after the degrees of absolute location?
15. What happens to the longitude and latitude numbers as you get closer to the equator?
16. How does a grid help map reading?
17. Why is the world of Americas an amazing place?
18. Could you compare the Mid- Atlantic ridge exploration with the 1st landing on the moon?
19. Could you tell a friend what the markings on a globe are for?

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