March 28, 2017

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Hi here is a following sentence. I know what is wrong with it, but I can't find the word to replace the incorrect word.

Intense preoccupation on technique appears to be the one trait that great pianists have in common.

***The word that is wrong is "on," but I don't know what word to replace it with. Can you guys help?


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    It should be 'with'.

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    o yeah that's right!

    my bad!

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    What's funny is that I don't know /why/. I always see 'with' used here, but have no clue why it is that way. Does anyone know if it has a reason for not being 'for' or 'of' instead, or is it just arbitrary?

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    Most of us can't define prepositions, but we learn to use them correctly without knowing the rules. Prepositions are very difficult for ESL students to master.

    You may want to check the many definitions of "with" in this dictionary.


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    I see, thanks. It looks like it might also be possible to use 'toward' (if I'm right in thinking the definition 'in regard to' is in use here) and it does Sound Right but I never see that.

    I liked English more when I didn't think about it.

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    thanks everybody!

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    no word is needed when the word On is removed

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