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Elem. Ed.

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Would you please help me with this question?

Charlie does not come to group time
on his own. While he is there, he
does not participate or respond.
Which would be best for the teacher
to do?

A. insist he participate since this
is the only way he will learn.

B. continue to bring him to group,
but allow him to sit quietly.

C. allow Charlie to participate when
and if he is ready and willing.

D. call on Charlie more often to
encourage participation.

Would (C) or (D) be the best answer?
Thanks-- I'm only learning!

  • Elem. Ed. -

    I would be inclined to go with B. What does your book say about the 'quiet' child? That may give you a better clue.

  • This is for GuruBlue -

    My text states:

    Possible child attending behavior will vary from not focused to completely focused and participating,with other behaviors betwwen these two end points. A child may tune in and out, attend but not participate verbally or with body involvement, or attend and participate sporadically.

  • Elem. Ed. -

    Then I would definitely go with C. Then the child can become involved when he is ready and comfortable.

  • GuruBlue-- This is for you-- please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    Can you give me some input on why you say (C)?

  • Elem. Ed. -

    I was agreeing with your book. The child will be there in the group. When something is said that he identifies with, enjoys, then he will feel willing to share. This will occur more and more often as he sees the other members of the group interacting and see that they are enjoying the experience.

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